15 January 2016

Mint Nail & Beauty

Mint Nail & Beauty Salon
I love this place!

I first visited the salon twice in the same week. The first time to have a "patch test" to have eyelash extensions. Whilst I was there, a lady was sat having her nails done, and because mine were in such terrible condition, I ended up walking out with a set of gels... Oops! I went back the next day to get my lash extenstions - Blink & Go's!
The salon I visited was the one in Birmingham on Cannon Street - they have salons in Leeds city centre, Leeds White Rose shopping centre, Wakefield city centre, Sheffield Meadow Hall shopping centre, Birmingham city centre and Dudley Merry Hill centre.


I'm SO pleased that they have 2 near me, at the Leeds end of the woods, because I will continue to visit this salon whenever I want to treat myself. What struck me first was their clean salon design and instant acknowledgement of clients. As soon as I stepped through the door there was a smiling lady welcoming me. The salon is beautiful, all the ladies are really well presented and very polite.
I had my glue patch test behind my ear done and sat down to have my gels done. They have a large range of colours, glittery and not. I think the treatments are priced really fairly as well. 

I absolutely love my nails - and the young lady who did them was informing me that they can help to make my hideous brittle nails a little stronger and therefore will grow better. ...And they look pretty, win win! I selected the white gels with white glitter and they have a beautiful mother of pearl type of look with green and pink reflects. It's so hard to capture how beautiful they are because of the glitter but there's a video on my Instagram with them shining away! No chips at all and still shiny as ever, what more could one ask for, ey? Since having these done I've had many more sets of different colours and my nails have grown loads. They're the strongest and healthiest they've ever been, even when I don't have gels on. So very impressed with the precision of the beauticians as well, they always look perfect!
When I had my lash extensions, I was a touch nervous because I had no idea if they'd look daft on me, or how long they'd be and I was constantly reassured and shown the progress. Chloe, my beautician for both treatments, was extremely friendly and she explained the process to me, describing how she was going to build the frame of lashes first, checking often that it looked perfect when I looked straight ahead, and then filling them in making sure they were natural looking. I have a VERY bad habit of picking off my mascara so my lashes are very sparse, and she did a great job of hiding this by crossing the lashes over - clearly a very experienced and talented woman. They looked fab! And she was also extremely delicate and gentle when working so close to my eyes. I didn't feel as though the treatment was being rushed whatsoever and was convinced she was doing her best to make my lashes look perfect. She advised to start off with the basic natural lashes and build up to the more glamorous full-looking lashes, knowing I was a lash extension virgin haha!

She also told me all about their training process and what they are qualified in, and everything about the girls and the salon seems very relaxed but professional. Yes, the end product/treatment is very important but the experience of being in the salon and relaxing is where the luxury part comes into play - and this place is top notch! If this were tripadvisor, they'd be getting 5 stars.

Every time I go to get a new set of gels after my current set have grown out, after my soak off, I am genuinely astonished at my own nails. A couple snap, as they do for everyone, so one time my beautician suggested the biosculpture gel overlays. She applied the gel over my nails and over the top of the breakages, without using nail glue or anything, and it's totally disguised them. Not only that but they can't tear now because the biosculpture is so strong. I'm so impressed. Yeah, so check them out on Instagram @mintnailandbeauty  and read an even bigger review in a previous post, here.

As you can see from the photographs, I'm ultra pleased with my lashes and nails and I will most definitely be returning again and again! I'm honoured that they have a link to my blog on their site. Visit their Instagram profile to see photographs of the magic they work and their website @ www.mintsalons.co.uk to see their treatment range. I intend to try many of them at some point! Name drop me (Leonie Hatfield), and if you haven't been before get 15% off lovelies. 

Thank you for reading!